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Browser Text RPG
Ruler of Kings II is a FREE, asynchronous (does not require dedicated time), and very easy to learn online text based role-playing game that caters for those who love to read medieval fantasy while building up a character and dictating how it turns out - just like an author! "ROK II" as it is known for short, uses custom codes created by a veteran Game Master for you to play 24/7 without the need to wait for other players or a Dungeon Master. START NOW

ROK II allows contributive input which means that Players can help decide what happens to the main Scenario or in game Quests. Remember the days of MUD, Zork, Wizardry, etc.? ROK II is similar but on steroids as well as it offers so much more because it is multi-Player interactive! START NOW

Browser Text RPG

Short History

ROK first started as simple online battle script where you create armies and fought against other Players or the server using text based strategy. It further developed to what we called, "ROK I" by adding more options to play as a lone Character. The latest version is ROK II, which brings together Text RPGing, Play by Post, interaction, controlling armies, and a great interface that allows you to feel as if you are playing a Tabletop Medieval Fantasy Game without needing a Game Master or even other players present! START NOW

ROK II has a added bonus, has a carefully created user friendly interface that caters for immediate play. Those with social anxiety, autism or other challenges may find it a great way to relieve some stress. START NOW.

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ROK II has within it: automated dice, full character sheet, stats, skills development, a city to explore, relationships to build, battles to fight, mysteries to solve, and so forth. Your own imagination is your limit! START NOW

Current RPG Talk:

Not finding anything of value in either of these two room, Davik leads the party around the corner and, finding a set of stairs, down the stairs.

From the base of the stairs, you can see a chamber opening up off of the tunnel ahead and also a tunnel running off at an oblique angle to your right. Reflected light on the tunnel wall shows that the room ahead is lit; the tunnel to the right, if you peer down it, is dark but an opening in the left side some thirty feet down is dimly illuminated by some flickering light within.

As you observe this area, one of the strangest creatures you've ever seen bounds toward you out of the darkness from the north, for all the world like an overeager puppy. Its lumpish body rises in a great hump covered with stony plates like a turtle's shell. The face is merely two eyes and a tiny beak at one end, out of which a short sturdy tongue hangs. Two large antenna whip about, quivering in the creature's excitement as it pads forward on oversized three-toed feet. The rear legs are noticeably longer than the front ones, giving it an uneven, almost comical gait. The flexible segmented tail ends in two bony plates that the creature seems to use for balance as it moves.

The creature stops a few feet before Davik and bobs his front section up and down while making a strange clicking nose with his tongue.

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