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Medieval Discussion"All warfare is based on deception." - Sun Tzu, the Art of War

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Sire, Be Thee the Caesar, King, Emperor or Governor over just a few Provinces or do ye have the might and determination to be the Ruler of Kings? Real estate is prime and ye have never sufficient gold and people with which to expand. Test thy use of the economics of pursuing the domination of all lands through alliances, battling, sending forth plagues, stealing and a lot more.

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Artemis is meditating, she is becoming very sleepy.

GM: On your next action roll against Body for Artemis.

Around this time...

Gault is lost in the dark corridor possibly now following Uhura's signal.

Seth proceeds down the passageway where Uhura and Major are located but is confronted by Uhura from a distance as sure enough her analyzer warns about the presence of something harmful.

Gault will not readily know that Seth is in front of him and Seth will not know he is on the way back.

GM: This may be a good time for a Luck (Soul) roll. Please do so for Gault and Seth on your next action.


Major continues to explore. He comes to a dead end, the same where Seth and Artemis were before they turned back. Using the regular light shows a wall full of Aztec looking murals and engravings, however when he puts on his ultraviolet light he is surprised to see the outline of a double door with a symbol, possibly a warning symbol. There is also an indication of how to open the door by pressing certain things.

GM: Say what you wish to do now.

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