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Medieval Discussion"All warfare is based on deception." - Sun Tzu, the Art of War

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Sire, Be Thee the Caesar, King, Emperor or Governor over just a few Provinces or do ye have the might and determination to be the Ruler of Kings? Real estate is prime and ye have never sufficient gold and people with which to expand. Test thy use of the economics of pursuing the domination of all lands through alliances, battling, sending forth plagues, stealing and a lot more.

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Elric freezes as he can feel the cold running throught his body after reading that scroll.

"S-Say, Larae. I never thought that the agents would be that direct... Don't worry, I am not scared of anything it's just that I am, em, e-excited, yea... We have four days, this is more than enough. Yosh!"

Lowering his head "But they didn't need to be this rude... Refusal is punished by death by decapitation they say. This is too much! This isn't a request... This is a demand. It seems that they had been watching me."

He stands up sceptical. "Hmmm, however this seems to be true. Now that I think about it, the organization wouldn't involve his majesty in their plans. Or have they set a trap for me on the way there?" *Evil Laugh* "Those fools! They are underestimating me way too much, for I am not so easily played." He says as he takes and wears his cloak along with a scarf on his face. "There is only one way to find out!"

Elric picks up his stuff as he is heading out to the palace of the city. "So... Where was the palace again?"

Simple Disguise: 16+5= 21
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