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Friday, 29th July, 2016 - 1:57 pm GMT

About Ruler of Kings MMORPG

Ruler of Kings is a FREE online text based game that caters for those who like to read medieval fantasy. ROK as it is known for short, uses custom codes created by a veteran Game Master. ROK allows contributive input which means that Players can help decide what happens to the main Scenario or in game Quests. Remember the days of MUD, Zork, etc.? This is like a MUD on steroids! START NOW

Browser Text RPG

Short History

ROK first started as simple online battle script where you create armies and fought against other Players or the server using text based strategy. It further developed to what we called, "ROK I" by adding more options to play as a lone Character. The latest version is ROK II, which brings together Text RPGing, Play by Post and a great interface that allows you to feel as if you are playing a Tabletop Medieval Fantasy Game without needing a Game Master present! START NOW

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Current RPG Talk:

A suggestion to use DragonLance as a theme but instead of using its association with Dungeons & Dragons the platform could be GURPS as an alternative Medieval Fantasy Play By Post Role-playing Game for this Board..

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