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Medieval Discussion"All warfare is based on deception." - Sun Tzu, the Art of War

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Sire, Be Thee the Caesar, King, Emperor or Governor over just a few Provinces or do ye have the might and determination to be the Ruler of Kings? Real estate is prime and ye have never sufficient gold and people with which to expand. Test thy use of the economics of pursuing the domination of all lands through alliances, battling, sending forth plagues, stealing and a lot more.

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Name: Joshua

Comments: Mega Traveller. The best science fiction Role-playing Game ever created is Traveller. To appreciate that you nee to be part of the game and character creation. Its what makes the game so cool because there is information for everything in the game universe. My only problem is finding people to play Traveller with in my area. Maybe thiss forum should think about starting it up as a Play By Post option.
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