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Custom Coded By A Dungeon Master

Ruler of Kings II Medieval Fantasy Text RPG was custom coded by a veteran old school Dungeon Master. This means it is not a stagnant affair but it is ever evolving and expanding. The game's focus is great Role-Playing which is often missed when you're not in a live group. For instance, most text based RPGs throw you in a story with a linear script, however ROK II is not like that. You have MANY choices on how to both build and present your Character within a fantasy middle ages theme.

You can go anywhere at anytime with a different outcome because there are always things working in the background. In other words, ROK II is not limited in waiting for you to make a choice because the world is 'alive' with things happening all the time.

The fascinating aspect is having other Players in there with you affecting the ROK II 'playground' with their own take on how things should go. This is all text based and will especially appeal to those who love in depth background information and not merely a quick fix. See a full list below or START NOW

Feature List

* Free to play
* Nothing to install or download
* Played on any browser
* Mobile compatible
* No request of a fee to continue
* Will work even if you have javascript off and other site blockers on
* Incorporated into a cultured International Community
* Highly moderated: no slackers, spam or trolls
* Build your own kind of Character: evil, neutral, good
* Have your own Character background (no one just pops into existence)
* Ability to write your own story
* Incorporates your own text into the game
* Amazingly detailed Character sheet
* Real Dungeon Masters check your writings and reward it
* Have a custom familiar to work for you
* Form relationships by putting down some winning prose
* Experience time in a text game (yes its is tracked, including sleep and hunger)
* Turns and location are saved as well as your progress
* Notifications when your Character has finished resting
* Play games within the game
* Thorough Player manual and Tip boxes everywhere!
* A ladder system should you wish to follow it
* Interact with other players who are also in ROK II
* Detailed Level, Skill and Magick system
* Outrageously elaborate Combat simulation includes dice rolls for initiative, AC, HP, damage, bonuses, becoming tired, spells, horse maneuvers, etc.
* Intelligent monsters that can ambush, lay in wait, cast their own spells, etc.
* In game message system to inform you of what happened while you were gone.
* Each place you visit has its own NPCs, history and offerings
* Mapping system so you can actually move around a visual map
* An optional adult angle if you want to branch off
* An optional Player to Player system to conspire
* Build an Army
* Build your own Party (in progress)
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